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easy sewing projects for beginners

Learn How To Sew: Sewing 101

For beginners, it seems there are numerous sites that offer lessons and tips. But how long has it been since they really sat with someone and taught them from scratch?

In years of my sewing journey, I have taught many and have been taught quite a bit. It is always beneficial for the new learner to understand all aspects of a project, but to know details of the tools they will use to create it.

There are quite a bunch of sewing machines brands and models you can choose from, but each has parts that complete the same job so it is wise to get an overview of what your machine is capable of. And threading a machine can be like going through a maze blindfolded if you aren’t sure where to even start. Specific materials require certain settings as well as a unique way of cutting them.

If you ever saw a dress and couldn’t find a pattern, you can make one tailored for yourself. So many stitches are out there, so there’s an article dedicated to nothing but stitches, what they’re used for and when. Of course, your tools and projects are important, as without a project there is no point in learning. Whether you just want to take in a pair of slacks or want to make a bedspread, these articles are the only place to learn it all.


  • Knowing Your Machine (parts, what they do and how you interact with them)
  • Threading a Machine (all machines are different, but the parts that have thread are all the same)
  • Sewing Box (what do you need close-by when you are sewing)
  • Needles  (some basic info about the different types)
  • Materials (each one uses specific settings on your machine when working with them)
  • Patterns (how to use them, tweak them and make your own)
  • Stitches (there are how many types??!!)
  • Tools
  • Projects

3 thoughts on “Learn How To Sew: Sewing 101”

  1. HI

    I’m new to tailoring but i love it a lot , i create styles by myself sometimes . im still learning though but i just love the whole idea it makes me feel very creative .

    I’ll love it if i could get some assistance in the form of tutoring videos and tips on how to get better in my sewing . And yes i have a butterfly sewing machine.

    Thank you ill be expecting a reply soon.

  2. I am new at sewing and I am in the process of deciding which machine I want to purchase. I want something I can grow into. I have it down to 2 machines. The Singer Quantum 9960 and the Brother SE400.

    I love the idea of embroidery and monogramming but I also want to be able to learn to quilt as well. I have read that the SE400 does it all but when reading the reviews I note that the reviews say this machine does not do a very good job with quilting.

    The Quantum 9960 is great for everything I want to accomplish except the embroidery piece of it.

    What would be your recommendation?

    1. Evening sir/ma, am on a search of an industrial machine for a commercial purpose, precisely for dressmaking. A very high quality machine with servo motor, capable of making good stitches and as well as straight line embroidery such as button holes.

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