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Sewing With Love: 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Craft Tutorials

Fill your hearts, and your craft room, with love this February. Valentine's Day is almost here. So break out the sewing machine, fabric and your favorite patterns to start making those projects for your loved one on this special day.

From heart pillows to crochet hippos, we have a bunch of craft ideas for you this Valentine's day. Check these projects out and select the ones that your special someone will love.

1. Heart Stamped Tea Towels

Here is a simple no-sew project that can fill your kitchen with love. The heart stamped tea towels tutorial is simple to make as all you need are tea towels, fabric paint, and creased toilet paper rolls to make the heart stamps.

In less than 15 minutes, you'll have colorful hearts on these towels that you can hand out as presents.

2. Crochet Heart Candy Holders

The wonderful thing with crochet projects is that you can do them anywhere, even in the doctor's waiting room. Here are some crochet heart candy holders you can make for the grandkids as they can take the little treat bags with them.

When they finish the treats inside, they can place their tiny treasures into the holders for safe keeping.

3. Modern Heart Pillow

Some people like more modern Valentine's Day gifts instead of the traditional colorful hearts and flowers. Here is a modern heart pillow for people who love a chic style in their home and don't want the bright or gaudy colors of pink and red.

4. Fabric Swedish Heart

A fabric Swedish heart is a type of woven design where you weave the fabric over and underneath another second piece of fabric.

While this pattern features a pocket that can hold a Christmas card, you can easily make beautiful hearts in this manner to celebrate both Valentine's day and winter. Just stuff small pieces of candy inside and give it to your sweetheart.

5. Heart Coffee Cozy

For tea and coffee lovers, show them your love with the heart coffee cozy. They can keep their hands comfortable while drinking from their favorite mug or cup as this cozy slips around the hot surface. This Valentine's Day gift can be used all year by your friends.

6. Paper Plate Heart

For young kids who want to make sewing crafts but feel left out from the fun, you can get them involved this holiday with these paper plate hearts. This a great no-sew craft idea for the home.

You can also use this tutorial with a classroom of kids as you can take the hearts to a local retirement or nursing home to brighten the faces of the elderly.

7. Heart Square

This interesting tutorial will show you how to crochet a heart pattern into a knitted square. From there, you could make another to form into a pouch or crochet multiple squares to form a blanket. You can also make a sweater, pillow cover, or other types of projects. Let your creativity shine through this Valentine's Day and create the perfect gifts.

Yolanda is so kind to add a video on this tutorial so if you are a bit confused I suggest you watch it below;

8. Sweetheart Tree Hot Pad

Remember the day when two sweethearts would carve their initials into a tree with a heart design around them? You can create the same sentiment with this sweetheart tree hot pad tutorial.

Be nice to a tree and sew one on a hot pad with your sweetheart's initials on it as you can use the hot pad when cooking a wonderful Valentine's Day meal.

9. Crochet Hippo

Teddy bears are usually the designated stuff animal to share on Valentine's Day. Yet this pink hippo tutorial is just so cute that you have to make it and give to someone.

Also, it is another project where can expand on your crochet skills. Make this wonderful hippo for those loved ones of all ages.

10. Tic-Tac-Toe Heart Game

Want the perfect Valentine's Day gift for kids? Here is a tic-tac-toe heart game pattern you can sew as the kids can play it anywhere. It has small crosses and circles to play the game as it will keep them entertained throughout the day.

Make Valentine's Day extra special this year. Check out these easy craft projects that you can give to all your friends and family members. You can also get the kids and the spouse involved as you can spend a wonderful weekend together making these items.


2 thoughts on “Sewing With Love: 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Craft Tutorials”

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial. How do you handle seams? I’ve had a hard time with the rolled hem foot when I get to a seam.

  2. Hi Amber,

    Thank you so much for featuring my project. This is such a wonderful round-up of cute and easy ideas! I know I will be trying a couple of the other ideas, this year!

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