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Best Sewing Machine for Beginners : Brother CS6000i Review

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This incredibly versatile sewing machine is the best sewing machine for beginners. It’s ultra-easy to use and comes with every accessory you could possibly need – and then some.brother cs6000IAre you new to sewing—just getting started and wondering what machine to buy? After all, there are so many different brands and models with endless choices of features and tools. If so, search no more. With much delight and anticipation, you can end your quest for your first starter machine with the Brother CS6000i.


Oh Brother-It’s Sew Good!

With this incredibly versatile, innovative, computerized machine, you are headed for an exciting and enlightening sewing experience. Beginners love this machine. Its ultra-easy operation and immense abundance of accessories gives every novice the confidence of a pro.

The best part is, with use of this machine, the journey from newbie to experienced sewer is already well underway.

If you are a beginning sewer who wonders if the computerized CS6000i model with its 60 different built-in stitch types will be too complex and advanced for you, no need to worry. In fact, many regular sewers will reassure you that due to its digital capacities, numerous stitch choices and many feature options, this machine is an ideal learning tool for sewing beginners.

Whether you want to start with a simple fabric stitching exercise or a basic quilting technique, this sewing machine provides you with the opportunity to achieve as a novice in various ways.

A Little Bit of Family History: Basic Threads of My Early Sewing Experiences

A passion for sewing runs in my family. I remember when, back in the 1960s, my mother would shop for a length of new fabric on a Saturday morning, spend the afternoon sewing a new dress and wear it out to an event that night. While I was a high school student, she gave me my first sewing machine, and I have been an avid sewer ever since.

I truly love to make, mend and alter clothes for myself and the kids. The CS6000i’s built-in free arm enables you to sew cylindrical sleeves and cuffs or pants legs with the greatest of ease. This features is especially helpful when sewing children’s garments.

I also make a wide variety of home furnishings like drapes, blinds and slipcovers for the sofa. With my Brother machine’s special attachments and sewing options, I also now enjoy quilting. This creative and rewarding craft is a great way to incorporate leftover fabric scraps in designing a fresh, colorful and useful new household item.

This sewing machine’s quilting foot ensures the proper thread tension and rate of fabric feed for making a quilt. Especially when quilting or crafting with heavy threads and thick fabrics, you need use of the quilting foot to avoid jamming due to thread and fabric bunching.

Sewing, mending, quilting and other crafting can all be a joy with the Brother CS6000i.

Good Starter Sewing Machine: Best Features

Although my first sewing machine was a good, but basic Singer model, I outgrew the machine and its capabilities as I gained sewing experience. It lacked the features to fulfill my sewing needs and desires.

After a friend and novice sewer asked me for advice on a first machine, I thought about what major features and qualities a newcomer needs in an initial sewing machine.

First of all, an ideal sewing machine for a beginner should be extremely simple and easy to use. It should have major features and functions that encourage newcomers to the art and craft of sewing, making their early sewing projects successful without excessive effort or mishaps.

Highlights of some of the most desirable features of the perfect sewing machine for beginners include:

  • LCD Display Stitch Selection – This handy, time-saving feature lets you choose the appropriate stitch by easy push-button touch. You can then view the chosen stitch type on the attractive backlit LCD screen.
  • Automatic Needle Threader – With one touch of the auto-threading lever located on the side of your sewing machine, the needle will be threaded and ready for sewing.
  • Forward and Reverse Sewing – This handy feature lets beginners easily double-stitch seams and designs without stopping to reposition fabric in the machine.
  • Easy-Adjusting Sewing Speed – Using the easy-gliding stitch speed slide, you can adjust your sewing speed to suit each part of your sewing project. This is much easier than using the foot control to regulate sewing speed.
  • Extra-Bright Work Space. – The machine’s lighting provides a brightly lit working space to assist you when sewing. However, extra dark or heavily patterned materials may require additional lighting.
  • Oversized Sewing Table – The handy oversized work table offers the necessary space to accomplish quilting and other extra-large sewing or crafting projects.

Which machine on the consumer market today best satisfies the needs of a new sewer? You guessed it—the Brother CS6000i!


button individual

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine: Quilters and Crafters Favorite

Many beginner sewers are eager to try out their talents for quilting and crafting. Along with developing their sewing skills, they want to acquire expertise in creating and producing artistic designs in quilts, embroidered pillow covers and decorative fabric arts.

The CS6000i model offers three very useful attachments for quilters and crafters: the walking foot, quilting foot and quilting guide. While the walking foot allows you to feed multiple layers through the fabric feed at once, the quilting foot and guide keep your stitches evenly spaced. These invaluable features enable you to achieve art and precision as you work to attain your envisioned results.

The Brother CS6000i Feature Rich Sewing Machine is the best sewing machine for the novice. It’s a well-made, computerized machine that’s exceptionally easy to use. It has all the basics features that you’ll need when you’re just starting out, like forward and reverse sewing, zig-zag and overcast stitches to stop edges from fraying – with some clever additional touches like an automatic needle threader and an adjustable sewing speed, both of which are a godsend when you’re a beginner.

As you get more experienced – and more adventurous – with your sewing, you can take advantage of the machine’s many advanced features and accessories, like buttonholers, specialist feet and decorative stitches, that usually only come with far more expensive sewing machines.

Brother CS6000i Accessories

When you open the packing box containing your new Brother CS6000i, you will find a whole array of tools and attachments as well. Watch the unboxing video below.

Attachable accessory feet include zipper, buttonhole, overcasting, spring action quilting and monogramming feet. Each accessory foot ensures the proper thread tension and rate of fabric feed for the type of sewing project you are working on.

What You Get in the Box

  • Hard storage case (without a handle)
  • Detachable wide table
  • Nine sewing accessory feet
  • Accessory pouch (with needles, bobbins, seam ripper, spool pin and caps, eyelet punch, screwdriver and cleaning brush
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual (in English and Spanish)
  • 25-year limited warranty

Brother CS6000i Stitch Types Advantages

Brother CS60001Stitches

In addition to its 60 different built-in stitch types, this top quality sewing machine has 100 built-in stitch functions. It has the capacity for programming up to 7.0 mm stitch width and 5.0 mm stitch length. It provides as much as 850 stitches per minute of sewing speed and features handy snap-on presser foot attachment as well as a convenient thread cutter function.

The CS6000i has 27 separate stitches meant for sewing clothing, including:

  • Basting Stitch. – This stitch secures seams in place on a temporary basis until you determine whether or not the fit of a garment is right.
  • Blind Hem Stitch. – The blind hem stitch provides virtually unnoticeable hems on clothing items.
  • Triple Stretch Stitch. – This stitch is ideal for reinforcement of fabric seams.
  • Buttonhole Stitches. – There are seven different buttonhole stitches to accommodate light, medium and heavy-weight fabrics.
  • Overcast and Zigzag Stitches. – These stitches aid in stopping fabric edges from unraveling or fraying.

Best Quilting Machine For Home Use

best sewing machine for quilting


The wider than normal detachable table extends your sewing surface, so it makes handling large pieces of fabric a lot, lot easier. The machine comes with three attachments that are really useful for quilters. The walking foot helps you feed several layers of fabric through the machine at one time. The special spring action quilting foot and quilting guide will ensure your stitches are placed evenly and accurately. As any quilter will know, these features are invaluable, allowing youto work comfortably and with precision.

Brother CS6000i VS Other Models on the Market

Everyone wants to compare brands and models when shopping for a new sewing machine. If you compare the Brother CS6000i with other similar computerized machines, you will discover just how they rate:

  1. The Singer 7570 Confidence 225 is another computerized sewing machine similar to the CS6000i. Most features of this model are identical with major features of the Brother. This machine does have more built-in stitches than the Brother model plus limited memory capacity, retaining some names and simple phrases. However, this trendy function hardly seems worth the Singer’s additional cost.
  2. The Janome Jem Gold 660 is a small and very lightweight machine (so it’s popular with people who want to take the machine to and from quilting classes) and it’s a similar price to the Brother. But while it has got some of the Brother’s clever features like the automatic needle threader, it hasn’t got the range of attachments, and has only 8 built-in stitches.
  3. JUKI HZL-35Z – Commonly known for producing industrial sewing machines, JUKI also manufactures machines for home use. This model is equipped with a quilting foot and drop feed for quilting, but the wider detachable table so helpful for quilting and crafting is sold only as an optional extra feature at additional cost.
  4. Sunbeam SB1800 Compact – This handy compact sewing machine with a handle is lightweight and has a convenient built-in accessory drawer. It includes an automatic bobbin winder, a reverse sewing feature and an LED lamp. However, this model has no detachable wide table for large projects and offers just 12 different stitch patterns. This Sunbeam machine is best used for hemming, mending and very basic sewing projects.

Above comparison summary clearly states that at its current price range, Brother CS6000i is indeed the best starter sewing machine out in the market today.

Consumer Ratings and Feedback About Brother CS6000i

Many first-time sewers report that the CS6000i model from Brother is extremely user-friendly, making learning easy for novices. The high sales rates of this popular Brother model are certainly proof of this digital sewing machine’s outstanding usefulness today. Especially with the features of drop-in bobbin, automatic bobbin threading and automatic needle threading, newcomers to sewing can start right away, practicing the basic functions and stitches of simple sewing. New sewers also like the extra-large work table and the fact that this machine is lightweight and portable. Purchasers are applauding this sewing machine’s great value for its very reasonable price. Everyone seems to be impressed with the fact that this modestly-priced, computerized machine includes as many extra functions and features as the top-priced models sold today. The general consensus of opinion concerning the CS6000i is, most definitely, “Go for it!”

A couple of slight bugbears and how to solve it:

The built-in light near the sewing surface is fine when you’re working with lighter colored fabrics but it may not always be strong enough when you’re using dark thread against darker colors. If you do find this is a problem, then you will find positioning an angled task light nearby will help. The hard case doesn’t come with a handle, so it’s not really a carrying case, but as you’re unlikely to be carrying the machine around for long periods, this isn’t a major issue.

Concluding Thoughts

To be sure, the Brother CS6000i is a very innovative, unique and valuable sewing machine in today’s consumer marketplace. With its convenient compact, portable design, this lightweight machine can go anywhere you go—to class or work, to design project locations and on vacation excursions. In addition, with its computerized capabilities, many versatile features and modest price, this machine is ideal for beginners as well as experienced and professional sewing enthusiasts.

morereviewsonamazonThis machine is both user-friendly and easy to carry. It weighs just 13 pounds with dimensions of 16 by 11.4 by 6.7 inches. With an extremely affordable price , this model is the best Brother sewing machine for the money and a budget-saver for novices. Especially for newcomers to sewing, the CS6000i offers a well-designed, easy to understand operating format that soon enables beginners to feel and sew like seasoned pros. This modern digital model is definitely a brightly shining star in the sewing machine marketplace today.

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4 thoughts on “Best Sewing Machine for Beginners : Brother CS6000i Review”

  1. Looking to see where I can buy or order all accessory feet and pouch with bobbins and Instructions manual (English ) for my Brother CS-6000i. Please help if you can.

  2. Thanks for your review and video. I am buying this machine based on your review. I am excited to learn to sew. No, I don’t know a thing! Wish me luck!

  3. I am a quilter and I had bought the CS6000i. I am very happy with it! It has inspired me to learn more features and options of sewing that are built into the machine. I like this machine so much that eventually, if I can, I would like to get the Dreamweaver by Brother. I started to learn to quilt as a hand quilter and due to mobility issues I cannot sit for extended periods of time. I do have one problem though and it’s with the reverse feature. For some reason my machine doesn’t want to go in reverse which is a problem as I like to re-enforce my stitches in the beginning and ending of my blocks to ensure it has a strong attachment. I will find a remedy to this. Everything else is perfect. I paid $143 for mine and it is a real workhorse and light weight. I recommend it highly.

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