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Recreating Your Favorite Clothes:How To Make A Raglans Shirt

favorite clothesDrafting from your favourite clothes

You can also create patterns from your favourite clothes. From pinning the garment flat on to a paper with a padded surface (you can use a sheet underneath), you just need to follow the edges and copy the pattern pieces. But for that, you need to be confident maneuvering the fabric and make sure you don’t take the pins out of the garment corners till you’ve finished tracing the patter piece.

What do I need?

  • Simple tools such as: a workspace with lots of space, something to use as a padded surface (blanket or other cloth), this is because you need to pin down the edges and it needs to be secure to the surface
  • a few large sheets of paper, if you can buy sewing paper that is gridded and will help you with straight lines
  • pencil
  • paper scissors
  • some pins
  • tape measure.

Here is an example easy for any beginner to try on. Follow the steps to make a raglan’s t-shirt!

pattern making shirt1

1. First, find the straight grain line of your garment. Fold your favorite t-shirt in half. You can pin the t-shirt edges so it won’t move around.Trace around the body of the t-shirt. Remember to add seam allowance to your shoulder and side seams. Make sure you trace these grainline on each piece.

pattern making shirt2

2. The pieces should come up like that. Make sure the size is the same as the previous garments. Now it is time to create the raglan sleeve.

pattern making shirt3

3. Now it is time to create the raglan sleeve. Extend out your shoulder. This is the top of your sleeve close to your neck.

pattern making shirt4

4. Draw a line parallel to your shoulder line from the armpit. Then, extend the sleeve till reach the same high as the other t-shirt. Do the same for the armpit extension and close the lines. Cut the blue line creating the main part and the raglan sleeve pieces pattern. Do the same for the back part, both on the fold at the centre on the fabric.

pattern making shirt5 pattern making shirt6

5. You should have the front and back pieces like that.

pattern making shirt7

To make sure you’re drafted the right pattern, before sewing measure each piece with the garment so you can carry one without any future surprises! Also, always remember to add the 2cm seam allowance as you’ll need space to stitch.

As you copy others, you’ll get used to the differences in the front and back pieces and where it usually requires more attention.

The secret is to practice, try to draft as many garments as you can till you develop your technique : )

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