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How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine For Your Kids Sewing School

How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine for Your Kids Sewing School

Sewing is a very creative and important life skill, so we can understand why you need to make the right choice when buying a sewing machine for your kid.

When we say “the right sewing machine for kids”, we mean sewing machines that are kid-friendly, safe and easy to work with. There are a couple of sewing machines on the market for kids, but certain factors need to be put in place before you make a purchase.

Getting the right sewing machine would boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem, but first, you need to know what your child wants, the reason for wanting a sewing machine, and what they hope to accomplish. That way, you’d be able to buy exactly what your child needs to make his/her sewing experience fun.

We all worry about the safety of our kids; that’s the first concern when choosing a sewing machine.

So let’s go through the fundamental factors that ought to be put into consideration.

The Needs of Your Child

Sewing should be fun, and kids who develop a passion for sewing already have that perception about sewing stuck in their heads. So it needs to be an enjoyable process, if not, obviously along the line they are bound to become uninterested.

If your kid has not shown any interest in sewing, do not push too hard, because I am pretty sure you won’t want to do something you don’t enjoy.

But if you have kids that love to sew, play interesting online videos for them, and I don’t mean boring contents. You can also pay for some great online courses, as this would get them more devoted to doing what they love – sewing.

Quick advice; you can lecture your kids on the history and fun facts about sewing machines; this would easily attract them and make it more fun.

Best Kid-Friendly Sewing Machines

We can all agree that sewing is a skill that is so lucrative right now. And not only can it be fun, but it can also help your kids later in life. If not for anything, they can easily make cute dresses and t-shirts for themselves.

smiling girl while sewing

But you already know that not all sewing machines on the market would be ideal for a child, some are more beginner-friendly than others. So, it’s essential to pay attention to certain features before buying a sewing machine for your kid.

First, is safety, and then how easy it is to use, weight, and lastly, the price. There are a lot of small and affordable machines on the market that would get the job done smoothly. You can check out our post – Best sewing machines for kids.

How to Choose the Right Machine for Your Kid

We have already mentioned the major three factors to put into consideration:

  • Safety
  • Easiness
  • Affordability
  • Weight

Because kids are involved, we need to be extra careful, but that doesn’t mean you should go for toy sewing machines. You need a real sewing machine if you want your kid to learn how to sew correctly.

So when buying a sewing machine, be sure that the foot is attached solidly and properly, so you can be sure that your kids won’t hurt their fingers while stitching.

Be on the lookout for pedals as well and manual control of speed, so your kids can set the speed to their preference.

Now, you shouldn’t go all looking for high-end machines with the bells and whistles, because at the end, your kid won’t even explore half of the features. So that would be a waste after all the purpose is for learning. The goal is to make sewing fun for your kids, not to have them worrying about how expensive the machine is, and that way, they would lose focus quickly.

Sewing machines for kids should be effortless to use; you can check out our review on the “Brother XM2701 sewing machine.” Also, it should be light, so they can carry it around the house, and also to their sewing classes because that’s the purpose right?

What to Look Out in Sewing Machines for Kids

As earlier mentioned, some sewing machines are more kid-friendly than others, and before buying check out the safety features.

If you want your kids to have excellent sewing skills, you need to merge real features and of course safety components, and that’s why I don’t support toy sewing machines. You should look out for:

  • Foot that is properly attached to the sewing machine
  • Stop/start button, so your kid can control when to stop and start sewing.
  • Speed control, to control their sewing speed.

Another exciting feature is embroidery, and there are cheap embroidery machines on the market for kids. And this way, you kids can have fun while sewing on their clothes their favorite cartoon characters.

Buying the right machine for your kid’s sewing school is never easy, but consider the listed features before making a choice.


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