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Perfect Dog Collars for Your Best Furry Friend

Family members come in all sizes and shapes. They may even wear fur. You love your dog, yet can’t stand the plain look of their existing collars.


Well, did you know there are fun sewing projects where you can make dog collars and improve the design of your existing collars? You can!

Tips to Keep in Mind When Sewing Dog Collars

Before you roll up a bunch of fabric and sew it together to make a collar, you want to make sure that it is safe and comfortable for your pet. Most collars are made from webbing material so that your pet can’t scratch and rip the collar off from around their neck. You can purchase the webbing and the dog collar buckle clips so you can put it together, or just use an existing collar and sewing your fabric directly onto it.

Fabric/Webbing Dog Collar

This dog collar project shows you how to sew the fabric onto the webbing and place on the buckle clips to make the dog collar from scratch.


Found via Good Dogs And Co.

You can select different colors and designs to make the dog collar stand out, which is especially helpful if you like to walk or jog with your dog at night and want cars to be able to see you along the side of the road.

Dog Collar and Leash

While this project is similar to the fabric/webbing dog collar mentioned above, this sewing craft also shows you how to make a matching leash so you can really color-coordinate your pooch’s walking accessories.


Found via Sew 4 Home

This tutorial also features several embellishments that can also be added to the collar, such as clover pom-poms with bells.

Dog Collar Slip Cover

Instead of sewing the fabric to the leash so you have a border design, this collar sewing project shows you how to make a slipcover that goes completely around the collar.


Found via Bite Sized Biggie

These slip cover collar designs are ideal because you can make several of them and change them out when they get dirty or when you are celebrating a special doggy occasion, such as when your dog became a loving member of your family.

Dog Collar Bow Tie

Do you love those bow ties that you see on dog collars at the local dog park? You can make one for your own furry friend that is amazingly simple and cute!


Found via Good Dogs And Co.

This dog collar bow tie only uses two pieces of fabric to make the bow, which can then be slipped onto the dog collar. So you can put it on and take it off whenever you please.

Doggie Dress Shirt Collar

Another fun and unique way to dress up your dog is to have your furry friend wear a dress shirt collar.


Found via The Cheerful Times

This doggie shirt collar craft is similar to the bow tie where it just slips over the existing collar. So you can make several so your dog can look dressed up throughout the week. You can use any old shirt that is destined for the rag bin or go to a thrift store where you can purchase collared shirts.

These dog collars will spiff up the look of your pooch whether he is out and about as you run errands, or when the two of you are just relaxing on the couch. Also, you can make smaller versions of these projects for cat collars as your felines won’t feel left out of the sewing fun.

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