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easy sewing for beginners


Welcome to the project DIY page, where the fun begins! Whether you have ever been around a sewing machine or not, we all get bored or stumped and want to make something new.Finding projects that are easy enough to do for a beginner can be tough, since everyone has their own idea of what is ‘easy’.

Having been around the sewing kit for more than 10 years, the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of this hobby are ingrained in me: from the first needle I used to hand sew a stuffed animal to the elaborate dresses I made.

Finding a good site to get all of your project ideas from can be a challenge. There are numerous sites that offer lessons, many that give information for new and seasoned sewing personnel, and a lot that will give you new ideas and projects. But this is the only site that will offer you all of these in one place, with the easiest instructions to follow.

The articles listed here will give all of the new students ideas on what to make and instructions on how to complete them. There are quite a few projects that newbies can take part in, and we encourage you to send us pictures of your projects in all stages.

If there is a project you would like to complete and want help with, let us know and we will get instructions set forth so everyone can learn together. With that being said, find your project below and let’s get started!


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