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3 Tips to Snag The Best Sewing Machine Deals on Cyber Monday

It’s incredible that Cyber Monday is only a few weeks away. If you haven’t already made your wish list for yourself and those people who are seamstress, now is the time to do it. The sales won’t wait for those last-minute customers who haven’t properly prepared.

cyber monday sewing deals

While you place items such as notions, a new body form, and pricey big ticket items like sewing machines on your list, there are a few things to keep in mind so you get the best deals for your dollars.


Here are several tips to help you catch those sewing deals and avoid any snags in your well-meaning Cyber Monday plans.

Go Price Hunting Now

Prices have tendency to fluctuate during the Fall months leading up to Cyber Monday. What you may believe is a big discount can be a clever deception by certain retailers. Some e-stores may mark up a product a few days before a sale, and then bring the price back down to the product’s normal cost to make you think you are getting a discount when you really aren’t.

Begin benchmarking prices for sewing machines in September and October. Then periodically check the site to see how prices are fluctuating. This method ensures that you get the best prices and allows you to compare sewing machines at different websites so you can truly get a discount.

Watch for Hidden Shipping and Handling Fees

You find an awesome deal on a Brother sewing machine. No other website has it in stock, and those that do are charging higher prices. You place the order and have your credit card ready to fill in the payment fields. Yet you frown when reading the total charges. You will actually be paying higher than the advertised deal price. The shipping and handling will cost some money and that doesn’t include the sales tax that your state charges.

Most shipping and handling fees can take you by surprise, especially on Cyber Monday. You are in a rush to purchase a sewing machine before it is gone. Unfortunately, you may not even see the charges until you have already placed in your credit card information or you are about to hit the “purchase now” button. While the excitement of Cyber Monday can overwhelm you, take a moment to breathe and think clearly. Consider how much you are paying in total price, including shipping, and then decide if it is the best deal that you can live with.

Also, keep in mind that places such as Amazon will often feature free shipping for large ticket items like sewing machines. Most sewing machines price will push your order above their delivery price minimum (if you don’t have Amazon Prime). Take the moment to also gather smaller priced items that would be considered add-ons so you can get those shipped out at the same time with your sewing machine and you won’t have to wait until the next purchase.

Keep Track of Limited Quantities and Sales Dates

There are 5 sewing machines left in stock. You are ready to catch the deal in the morning. Setting your alarm clock, you spend the rest of the night dreaming about the craft projects you will create for the holidays. When you get up at 8am, you log into your computer only to find that there are no sewing machines left.

If you snooze, you will lose on the deals on Cyber Monday. If you find limited quantities on a particular sewing machine on sale, check the website to find out when the deal begins and be ready when the time approaches. There will be people up from midnight to 5am ready to jump on what is available if the sales date is at 11:59pm.

By doing research, checking out prices and setting your alarm clock, you can get the best deals on sewing machines on Cyber Monday. If you have the unfortunate luck of missing out, don’t fret. There will be more sales opportunities during the holiday season. You just have to dig deeper into the sales bins to locate the ones for the sewing machine that you want to purchase.

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