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10 Simple Scarves To Ward Off The Chill

When it comes to keeping your face and neck warm while outside, nothing beats a scarf. A scarf can also act as an extra head covering if it starts to snow or rain lightly outside if you are without a hat or hood on your coat.

If you can't find a scarf in the closet because the kids decided to decorate snow people outside, you can make a few extra scarves right in your sewing room.

Here are several scarf tutorials that you can make using a sewing machine or crochet needles. I've also included several projects that don't even require any sewing.

1. No-Sew Fleece Rainbow Scarf

This fun no-sew fleece rainbow scarf is a great project for a beginner or young child. The soft fleece will feel comfortable around a child's neck as they will want to wear it everywhere they go.

You can even make the scarf more personalized by having the child pick out their favorite colors and decide on the color pattern.

2. Hidden Pocket Scarf

There are times when you have to hold your small credit card holder, phone or keys in your hands because you don't have outer pockets on your jacket. Here is a hidden pocket scarf tutorial that will show you how to make a pocket to store your items.

You won't lose your things ever again as they will be safely tucked away and out of sight.

3. Fringed Blanket Scarf

This beautiful fringed blanket scarf looks complicated. Yet it only requires a little bit of sewing as you'll learn how to make a decorative fringe just by pulling the bottom threads out. You'll want to make several in different colors and patterns.

4. Flowery Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf is one that doesn't have two ends. Instead they are sewn together into one piece of circular fabric that slips over the head.

This flowery infinity scarf tutorial will show beginners how to make one in a few simple steps. This scarf uses lightweight materials as you can use it during the early spring and late fall while doing outdoor chores.

5. Crochet Owl Cabled Scarf

Don't blink! You will miss the owls watching you from the confines of this scarf. The crochet owl scarf will allow you to practice your crocheting skills. On the bottom of the scarf, you will create owls with pompoms as their legs. This chunky project can become a great gift for friends and family.

6. Roses’ Crossing Scarf

This infinity scarf will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. The roses’ crossing scarf is another crochet project as it has a bit more detail than the others. Yet the end result is just absolutely beautiful with the type of pattern that was chosen.

7. Crochet Shamrock Scarf

Another amazing tutorial from Sarah! Feel the luck of the Irish with the crochet shamrock scarf. Make your friends green with envy when you walk down the street with this scarf -- until you make some for them too!

8. Fluffy Clusters Crochet Infinity Scarf

Sometimes, you just want a large fluffy scarf to bury your head into when the wind chill goes down outside. You will feel nice and toasty with this fluffy clusters crochet infinity scarf tutorial.

9. Solomon's Knot Scarf

For a more lightweight and elegant scarf to wear on dates, dances, and other formal events, you want to wear the Solomon's knot scarf. This scarf tutorial has a lacy appearance that makes it look luxurious and fancy.

10. Chevron Infinity Scarf

Here is another great beginner project you can crochet when you have a free weekend. The chevron infinity scarf is colorful and festive as it has a unique zigzag design. It adds just the right amount of style without looking too flamboyant.

Check out these 10 scarf tutorials that will have you creating those wonderful neck wraps to keep warm in the chill weather. You can make them for yourself or every member of your family. Don't forget to make a few extra as gifts for your friends.

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